Weathertightness Matrix and Moisture Testing

Property Solutions Inspections undertakes moisture testing of internal wall as a component of most of its inspections. Moisture meter testing cannot offer a guarantee of demonstrating existence of a dampness issue, signs of moisture ingress are looked for and spot checking is carried out at identified risk areas and checked with a moisture meter. If you have a concern about moisture ingress or dampness, please advise us when booking the inspection.  A Weathertightness Matrix is an additional service to any other inspection. A Weathertightness matrix does not give a waterproof guarantee, it is a tool for assessing risk.

Moisture Meters

The moisture meter used by Property Solutions Inspections is a TROTEC T660 – used in its non-invasive mode. While this mode is deemed non-conclusive, it can be a good indicator of the presence of moisture and further investigation would be required to determine the source of the reading.  It is important to be aware that a lack of moisture indication, does not confirm that a property doesn’t have moisture issues.

The condition and treatment type of any internal timbers is not known without an invasive or intrusive (opening the wall) test. We do not undertake invasive testing.

Further investigation will be recommended where there is sufficient evidence and concern that there are signs of severe moisture penetration.  Invasive investigation of the home can only be undertaken with the written permission of the Home Owner – ensure the provider you choose has the correct credentials to carry out this kind of investigation.  Property Solutions Inspections does not do invasive moisture or specific weathertightness investigation.

Weathertightness Matrix

Property Solutions Inspections will provide a Weathertightness E2/AS1 Risk Matrix as defined by New Zealand Building Code as part of another inspection. This is a tool that assesses and accumulates a number of factors to draw an overall assessment of weathertightness risk of a building. It may assist decision-making, it is not a guarantee or definitive conclusion.  We provide this assessment and matrix at a small additional cost to any inspection.  If required, please request this in addition to your building inspection.  Many Banks will request a weathertightness component to the inspection report. We will advise if the property requires an additional weathertightness expert report.

Our inspectors are accredited surveyors with BOINZ (Building Officials Institute of New Zealand).  Contact us for more information or Book your inspection now

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